Thursday, November 09, 2006


Just read the science!

Researchers Dr. Richard Haedrich, Dr. Evan Edinger, and Dr. Paul Snelgrove stand with graduate students at Memorial University to show their support for a moratorium on high seas bottom-trawling. All three professors research aspects of the deep-sea environment. They stand here holding various scientific papers and quotes from well-known researchers that deal with the state of the deep-seas and the impacts of bottom-trawling. They ask the government to simply "JUST READ THE SCIENCE!"


St. John's East MP stands up for the high seas

NDP MP Lorraine Michael just won the by-election in St. John's East. She stands here with CODCO's Greg Malone to show that she supports a U.N. moratorium on high seas bottom-trawling.


Former fisherwoman supports a moratorium

Julie Huntington, former prawn fisherwoman and net maker, has seen firsthand the damage that bottom-trawling can cause. She stood up last Monday for the high seas, asking Canada's Fisheries Minister to support a moratorium.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Support from Cowtown!

Here, supporters from Calgary, Alberta give a thumbs up to a high seas moratorium on bottom-trawling.

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