Thursday, November 02, 2006


No seafood by 2050.......

Dr. Boris Worm, Dr. Heike Lotze, and PhD biology students at Dalhousie University dress as tubeworms on Halloween to show their support for a high seas moratorium on bottom-trawling.

Dr. Worm and Dr. Lotze are co-authors of a paper in Science that was released today that indicates that fish stocks will be gone in 50 years if humans do not make drastic changes, including seriously address the impacts of bottom-trawling.

Read about this new finding here:


Witches for a moratorium!

This witch sent in a photo demonstrating that even wicked witches support a high seas moratorium on bottom-trawling


Don't drag us down!

Graduate students in the Biology Department at Dalhousie University dressed up as marine life to show their support for a moratorium. Don't be a crab, support a moratorium!


Standing up for the high seas in Times Square

While visiting in New York City, Dalhousie University student Tyler Jordan took this photo in Times Square, showing his support for a moratorium on bottom-trawling.


Fish friends support a moratorium

Sue Westby of Northwest Cove, Nova Scotia, sent in this photo of support for the U.N. call for a moratorium on bottom-trawling in international waters


Scientists support a high seas moratorium!

The research labs of biologists Dr. Lawrence Dill and Dr. Isabelle Cote at Simon Fraser University sent in this photo of support for a high seas moratorium

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Moratorium Monday in Toronto

Torontonians at Bloor and Spadina saw witches and goblins in the streets yesterday demonstrating their support for a high seas moratorium.


Mr. Hearn, do the right thing

Last weekend, Robin Wilcocks stood on Parliament Hill with a simple message for Loyola Hearn "Do the right thing".


Scientist standing up for the high seas

Dr. Evan Edinger of Memorial University stands outside the Newfoundland and Labrador Confederation Building to urge Canada to support the UN moratorium on bottom trawling. Dr. Edinger studies deep sea corals and says that they will only survive in areas that are not bottom trawled. We need to protect them now because if we damage them they will not grow back in our lifetime.


Moratorium Monday in St. John's

Citizens gathered in St. John's to urge Minister Hearn to be "Loyal" to oceans protection by supporting an international United Nations temporary time out on bottom dragging.


Moratorium Monday in Edmonton!

Yesterday in Edmonton, supporters of a high seas dragging moratorium stood on Whyte Avenue with signs, handed out fact sheets to pedestrians, and enjoyed the honks of support from passing cars.


Yesterday in Halifax, professors, graduate students, and scientists in biology, oceanography, and environmental science stood in the streets to ask Loyola Hearn and PM Harper to listen to scientists and support a moratorium. Read a Chronicle-Herald article about the event here:

Monday, October 30, 2006


They love reefs!

Graduate students in the School for Resource and Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University demonstrate their love of reefs in Halifax today. They joined other biologists for Moratorium Monday in Halifax, asking the Fisheries Minister and Prime Minister to stop ignoring scientists and support a moratorium


Tubeworms for a moratorium

A tubeworm stood on the streets of Halifax today and wiggled to the honks of motorists that agree that high seas dragging is a drag. Tubeworms everywhere support a high seas moratorium on bottom-trawling.

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