Thursday, October 26, 2006


Greg Malone stands up for the high seas

Greg Malone, former member of the Canadian comedy troupe CODCO, says "Support the international waters moratorium, it just makes sense".


Labradorians for the high seas

Roberta Benefel, from Goose Bay, Labrador and an unknown gentleman lurking in the background support a U.N. moratorium and encourage Labradorians to show their support too.


Fishing for a moratorium

Judy Norman and Betty from Labrador are show here visiting the fishermen's museum in Lunenburg. They support a moratorium and hope that fishing continues sustainably.


More Fish...Moratorium

Bruce Cox from Greenpeace and Denys Bourque, from St. Jacques New Brunswick, stand here asking for a temporary moratorium on high seas bottom-trawling in international waters.


Mr. Hearn, protect our future

Kestrel Musselman sent in this photo of herself with her fish "Stella", made by well known local folk artist Barry Colpitts. Kestrel asks Mr. Hearn to protect the future for her generation as well as the world's fish stocks by supporting a moratorium.

Monday, October 23, 2006


West coast Sportfishing guides stand up for the high seas!

Salmon fishing guides in the Queen Charlotte Islands stand here together to support a U.N. moratorium on deep sea dragging.


Law students object!

Students in the Dalhousie Environmental Law Student Society object! They stand here for the high seas and support a U.N. moratorium on dragging.

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