Saturday, October 14, 2006


Fishermen support a moratorium

Fisherman Bill Williams, chair of the South West Nova Fixed Gear Association in Nova Scotia sent in this photo to ask the Fisheries Minister "Are you your own man?"

Mr. Hearn knows just as well as Bill Williams that dragging destroys fish habitat. Mr. Williams wonders what, or who, is influencing Mr. Hearn to ignore scientists and fishermen that support a temporary moratorium on this destructive practice.


Loyola, show us the seamounts!

Concerned citizens in Halifax ask Loyola Hearn to show them the seamounts he plans to protect on the high seas.

How can Loyola Hearn's plan to protect seamounts and other ecologically important ecosystems be effective if scientists don't even know where these habitats that need protecting are yet?

Unfortunately Mr. Hearn is ignoring scientists that say that a moratorium gives the time needed to find areas of sensitive marine habitat before they are destroyed by dragging.


Fishermen support a moratorium

Fisherman Mil Nickerson, chair of the Tusket River Gaspereau Dipnetters Association, writes in to state the support of his organization for a moratorium on high seas dragging. These fishermen from Nova Scotia join others, like the PEI Fishermen's Association in opposing Loyola Hearn's position on a moratorium.


Researchers of sustinable livelihoods support a moratorium

Participants at an international Sustainable Livelihoods workshop held in Phnom Phem, Cambodia show their support for a moratorium on high seas dragging. The group included Cambodians, Vietnamese, Filipinos and Canadians.


NDP MLA, Howard Epstein, urges Loyola to listen to scientists

Howard Epstein, the NDP Member of Legislative Assembly for Halifax, Nova Scotia stands here to point out to our Fisheries Minister that you can't protect seamounts and deep-sea corals if you don't know where they are. Scientists tell us that it can take several years to find ecologically important habitat. They stress that a moratorium is needed so that we can find the areas that need protecting BEFORE they are destroyed.

Mr. Epstein is also a lawyer and part-time law professor.


Fisherfolk leaders support a moratorium

Maria Abanueza and Fernando Tiburcio, leaders of the Filipinno fisherfolk network PAMANA KA, urge Canada to support a moratorium on high seas dragging.


No habitat, No fish, No food, No fun

Mark Beasy and a friend sit down to empty plates to point out that if bottom-trawling continues destroying fish habitat, then there will be no fish and no food for the future.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Oceanographers support a moratorium!

This photo, courtesy of Dr. Alan Pinder, shows Megan Saunders, a Ph.D. candidate in biological oceanography at Dalhousie University, underwater in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia. She and other oceanographers urge Loyola Hearn and Stephen Harper to listen to the scientific evidence that a moratorium is needed now!

To see the statement made by 1452 scientists urging the world to impose a moratorium, click here:


Appuyons le moratoire

Marianne Marcoux, a grad student at McGill University sent in this photo ask the Conservatives to join the world and 'Appuyons le moratoire!'


Time to listen to a moratorium!

The student group Greening McGill at Mcgill university asks Loyola Hearn to stop ignoring the science and support a moratorium on bottom trawling.

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