Friday, September 29, 2006


Australia and New Zealand plan to work together to gather support for moratorium

On Monday, New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister, Winston Peters announced that New Zealand and Australia would work together to seek the support of other nations at regional meetings and at the United Nations General Assembly for an immediate moratorium on high seas bottom trawling outside of regional fisheries management organizations. We urge Canada to join New Zealand and Australia in supporting a high seas moratorium on dragging. Come on Canada!


Day 42: Stop trawling so crabs can keep crawling!

Grade 6 students from William King Elementary School in Herring Cove, Nova Scotia made this beautiful and clever poster as their way of showing their support for a moratorium on bottom trawling. They said that they will be following this important story and are happy to have the opportunity to have a voice on this issue.


Day 42: Stop monkeying around and support a moratorium!

Lil Macpherson, founder and co-owner of the Wooden Monkey restaurant in Halifax, and co-owner Christine Bower take a moment to say "Fish nets are for legs, not for dragging!"


Day 42: Save the habitat to save the fishies!

Pam Johnston of Pickering, Ontario makes a fishy face to ask Canada to save the fishies by supporting a U.N. moratorium to save fish habitat.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Day 39: The NDP supports a moratorium!

The NDP Fisheries Critic, Peter Stoffer, sent in this photo of himself holding up a sign asking Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn to join other countries in supporting a U.N. moratorium on dragging.

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