Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Day 27: As we imagine the not-so-bottomless ocean...

This poster, titled "As we imagine the not-so-bottomless ocean," was made by Carey Jernigan and Shakeel Rehemtulla in Toronto, Ontario. Their creative poster points out that high seas dragging can affect species far removed from those targeted by the fishery.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Day 26: Standing for the high seas in Calgary!

Jana McPherson and her father, Heiner Schulz, stand by the banks of the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta, asking Canada to NOT BE A DRAG and to join other countries in supporting a U.N. moratorium.


Day 26: Dragging is for the birds!

Russel Crosby and other birders on Brier Island, Nova Scotia stand up against high seas dragging.


Day 26: Just say no to dragging

Courtney and Annette Cantell, from London, Ontario show their support for a U.N. moratorium on bottom trawling.


Day 26: Dragging seems fishy....

This couple in Halifax took the time to stand for the high seas and point out that drag net fishing seems a bit fishy and that it's time for a high seas moratorium.


Day 26: Support from Wallacetown!

Kelly and Blair Dodd from Wallacetown, Ontario sent in these photos asking Canada to support a U.N. moratorium.


Day 26: Standing for the high seas in Capreol

Matthew and Nicole Gillies from Capreol, Ontario demonstrate their creativity and support for a U.N. moratorium.


Day 26: Harvest Festival visitors stand up for the seas!

On Sunday, visitors to the Harvest Festival in Halifax collectively stood up for the high seas and asked the Canadian government to support a high seas moratorium.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Day 25: The Mowats and the Camerons stand up for the high seas!

Farley Mowat is the author of 'Sea of Slaughter', a harrowing account of human destruction of the life forms in the Western Ocean since Europeans began to exploit it 600 years ago. Claire Mowat is a young-adult novelist and social chronicler. Marjorie Simmins is an award-winning essayist and journalist. Her husband, Silver Donald Cameron, is the author of 16 books, notably 'The Living Beach'. They stand collectively here in River Bourgeois, Cape Breton, making their own protest against deep-sea trawling.


Day 25: Everybody must care to protect our seas!

Haley and Megan Lewis show their support here for the U.N. moratorium on dragging in the high seas. They write to us that they care a ton about the oceans and that we all need to help out to save its future.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Day 24: Saving the oceans for our children

Lee, Jacob, Kyle, Nick, Nicholas, and Superman from Union Street in Halifax support the idea of no dragging on the high seas and hold a sign here asking adults to stop the dragging of high seas coral and sponge gardens.

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