Saturday, August 26, 2006


Elizabeth May stands up for the high seas!

Elizabeth May, former Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada, and an Officer of the Order of Canada, stood near the Ottawa River on Thursday to encourage the Canadian government to support a moratorium on high seas dragging and to encourage Canadians to submit photos of support to the blog.


Day 11: Don't DRAG me down!

Rob Ronconi, a PhD candidate at the University of Victoria, and Sarah Wong, a PhD candidate at Dalhousie University, take a break from studying the foraging ecology of Greater Shearwaters around Grand Manan Island to express their feelings on dragging in the high seas. Thanks for the photos!

Friday, August 25, 2006


Day 10: Having a WHALE of a time in the Bay of Fundy

No Habitat = No Fish = No Whales. Students in Dalhousie University's Summer Marine Mammal class sent in this photo of support while studying whales in the Bay of Fundy near Brier Island, Nova Scotia.


Day 10: Historic Canadians support a moratorium on dragging the high seas!

Today in St. John's, the statues of John Cabot (left) and Sir Wilfred Grenfell (right) posed with signs of support for a moratorium. Cabot, the 'discoverer' of Newfoundland, once remarked that the cod off Canada appeared so thick that a person "could walk across their backs". Today, Cabot would surely support a moratorium that protects fish habitat to ensure the survival of fish populations for years to come.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Day 9: Message of conservation to the world

This morning, Dr. Martin Willison, of Dalhousie University's Biology Department and School for Resource & Environmental Studies, stood in Halifax rush hour traffic with a Chinese sign for the international community reading "Protect fish habitat" or literally "Stop destroying homes of fish". Dr. Willison teaches conservation biology and policy at Dalhousie and studies deep seas corals, which are destroyed by dragging.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Day 8: Comments from Dr. Annelise Chapman of Dalhousie University

Your blog is extremely informative....there is no reason not to support Canada joining in a moratorium on bottom trawling. One way of becoming active is to write to MLAs and the federal Minister of Fisheries, Loyola Hearn (, to vote for a moratorium at the November UN meeting. The evidence and science is all there - as Canadian citizens we need to ask our political representatives to do what's right in support of all our natural environments.

Cheers, Dr. Annelise S. Chapman,

Dalhousie University, Biology Department,

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Day 8: Trailer Park Boy hits the streets!

This morning in Halifax near the McDonald bridge, John Dunsworth (pictured above), who plays Mr. Leahy on Showcase's Trailer Park Boys was out supporting the campaign to protect the high seas from dragging. Motorists also spotted a fish and
piece of coral holding signs of support!


Day 7: Article in the Halifax Daily News

The Halifax Daily News caught sight of a demo in Halifax near the McDonald Bridge and wrote an article about the High Seas Moratorium campaign. Canadians are learning more and more about the moratorium and what they can do to voice their concerns to the government. The following letter to the editor appeared the day after the Halifax Daily News article:

Dear editor,

As Atlantic Canadians, we know all too well what government mismanagement of fish stocks and habitat does to our fish populations. That's why I was so thrilled to see people last week at the Quinpool-Connaught intersection with signs, raising public awareness about a UN vote on a dragging moratorium. Itwould be great if our government finally took a stand to protect our oceans and fish where previous governments have not. The Minister of Fisheries, LoyolaHearn, has already said "[Dragging] does damage to the stocks and it does damage to the habitat." I for one will be watching to see if he puts his moneywhere his mouth is and supports a U.N. moratorium in November. I'll also bewatching out for what signs the Ecology Action Centre will be holding tomorrow.


Michael Cowie,

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Day 7: Don't Dodge The Issue!

This dodgeball team from Toronto sent in this photo of themselves asking the government not to dodge the issue....and support a moratorium! Thanks for the photo guys! And good luck in the game!


Day 7: Canada does not!

Today in Halifax, where the McDonald bridge meets North Street, motorists and bus passengers saw sign-holders again, this time with the message that 'Canada does not'. Yesterday they learned that a bunch of countries do something. Tomorrow they'll learn what those countries do and what Canada does not........
One bus passenger was so intrigued by yesterday's signs that he got off the bus today just so he could ask what Canada does not do. Tomorrow all the pieces will come together.....


Day 7: Sign-holding in St. John's

Bottom trawls wreck corals and fish homes. Protect Fish Habitat. This is the message that motorists in foggy St. John's got this morning from these creative young artists.


Day 7: Moratorium Now!

This couple from St. Catharines, Ontario sent in their feelings about dragging the high seas. They then followed up with a comment about writing to the Minister of Fisheries, Loyola Hearn, to ask for his support of a moratorium. You can see their comment below this post. Thanks for your comments!

Monday, August 21, 2006


Day 6: Save our seas!

Canadian government, get invovled!
A woman in Virgil, Ontario sent us this photo of herself asking Canada to step up to the plate and take a stand for our seas.


Day 6: And the word gets spread to Florida....

Our first photo sent from within the U.S.! Ph.D. candidate, Susanna Fuller, from Dalhousie University was recently in Key West, Florida and sent us a photo expressing her concern for the effects of high seas dragging on sponges.


Day 6: Awareness on moratorium starts in Newfoundland

The High Seas Moratorium Campaign has hit the streets in Newfoundland! The message is clear: No Habitat, No Fish. This photo was sent in from Portugal Cove - St. Philip's on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland.


Day 6: Several countries do.....

This morning in foggy Halifax, motorists coming off of the McDonald bridge from Dartmouth into Halifax got the message that several countries do something......but what?? Tomorrow they'll learn which country does not do what these countries do.......

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