Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Day 7: Article in the Halifax Daily News

The Halifax Daily News caught sight of a demo in Halifax near the McDonald Bridge and wrote an article about the High Seas Moratorium campaign. Canadians are learning more and more about the moratorium and what they can do to voice their concerns to the government. The following letter to the editor appeared the day after the Halifax Daily News article:

Dear editor,

As Atlantic Canadians, we know all too well what government mismanagement of fish stocks and habitat does to our fish populations. That's why I was so thrilled to see people last week at the Quinpool-Connaught intersection with signs, raising public awareness about a UN vote on a dragging moratorium. Itwould be great if our government finally took a stand to protect our oceans and fish where previous governments have not. The Minister of Fisheries, LoyolaHearn, has already said "[Dragging] does damage to the stocks and it does damage to the habitat." I for one will be watching to see if he puts his moneywhere his mouth is and supports a U.N. moratorium in November. I'll also bewatching out for what signs the Ecology Action Centre will be holding tomorrow.


Michael Cowie,

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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